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Obama y Los Afrodescendientes de América del Sur
Mónica Carrillo
November 25, 2008
El liderazgo de Obama trasciende intereses exclusivos de los afroestadounidenses. Sin embargo, Obama no puede escapar a la representación que indefectiblemente le otorga sus orígenes étnicos.

The Black World Lights Up the Big Screen: Q&A with Afro-Cuban Co-Founder of Film Festival
Aisha Al-Muslim
November 25, 2008
The 16th Annual African Diaspora Film Festival takes place in New York from Nov. 28 to Dec. 14., featuring 88 titles representing 41 countries. Reinaldo Barroso-Spech co-created the film festival with the belief that education is power.

Making a “Beautiful” Film in Revolutionary Cuba
Robin J. Hayes
November 25, 2008
The documentary film, “Beautiful Me(s): Finding Our Revolutionary Selves in Black Cuba,” is our intimate travel diary as underdog graduate students who journey from the Ivy League to the rebel state of Cuba.

Barack Obama: El Orgullo De La Esperanza
Jorge Ramírez Reyna
November 25, 2008
Muchas generaciones los afrodescendientes en el mundo seguimos de pie firmes en la lucha, resistiendo las adversidades y avanzando en nuestras reivindicaciones, porque nunca perdimos la “Esperanza”. Y esa esperanza se llama hoy Barack Obama. Ya es el orgullo de los afrodescendientes en el mundo, demostrando que no obstante la esclavitud, la opresión, el racismo, seguimos haciendo historia.

An Afro-Brazilian’s Election Message to the United States
Diva Moreira
October 25, 2008
I am so very happy with Obama’s victory in the United States of America. This historic event belongs to you, but also to everybody all over the world.

It’s Recognition Time: The Similar Lives of Afro-Brazilians and African-Americans
Mark Wells
November 4, 2008
Ever since I learned of Brazil’s huge population of African descent, I have made it my business to inform others of our brothers and sisters in Latin America’s largest, most populous nation.

In Support of Green Party Candidates McKinney and Clemente
Marian Douglas-Ungaro
November 4, 2008
This candidacy is not just of two women, not only of two women of color, but is of Afrodescendant women of the Americas. It is at least three centuries overdue.

Lifting Obama in Spirit
Paula Cofresi Silverstein
October 22, 2008
I listen to the election news on radio and television and find myself alone screaming in the kitchen or in my car. The spins and manipulations make me angry and crazy. As an Afro-Latina, I want the color Black to no longer represent “stay back.”

An Open Letter from a Son of Cuba
Carlos Moore
October 22, 2008
This letter is to my personal friends around the world, who know exactly what I stand for and also what I oppose, in terms of my principles and political options. It concerns the fate of "Pichón," my book of memoirs, a work I labored over, off and on, for 25 years, writing in many lands where I took up residence with my family, living in the conditions of exile.

Mr. Justice and the State of Progressive Politics
Aisha Brown
Octbober 22, 2008
It never ceases to amaze me that some of the most ignorant and insensitive words I have ever heard have come out of the mouths of progressives.

El Mal Llamado Descubrimiento en Africa
Jesús Chucho Garcia
October 22, 2008
Tuve la oportunidad de ser vicepresidente de una conferencia internacional, organizada por Unesco, en la isla africana de Praia, Cabo Verde, sobre el "Impacto del Descubrimiento de America en Africa".

Beyond Friends or Foes: Latinos and African Americans
Violeta Donawa
October 22, 2008
According to news media, socio-political differences exist, and violent clashes are common. It is imperative that we lend all of our senses to the positive picture that the media rarely exposes—the shared histories and experiences of Latinos and African Americans.

Rebel Artist in Panama Launches Talent Agency Promoting Afro-Latinos
Marta L. Sanchez
September 30, 2008
Kari Coley Brown has launched Tal Como Soy (Just as I am), a new Panamanian talent agency that promotes afro-latino artists and models of all shapes, shades, ages and sizes. Rebelling against eurocentrism, Tal Como Soy presents collaborative shows, creating spaces to share Afro-culture beyond fashion.

Afrodescendientes en marcha en Colombia y México
Celeo Alvarez Casildo
September 30, 2008
Se celebró en la Universidad de Santiago de Cali, República de Colombia, el Tercer Encuentro de Profesionales Afrocolombianos y Segundo Afroamericano. Con exito se celebró en la ciudad de Pinotepa Nacional, Estado de Oaxaca, México,  el Taller sobre Identidad y Derechos Humanos de La Población Afrodescendiente.

Call For Papers—Women of Color Feminists Invited to Examine the 2008 Presidential Campaigns
Alvina E. Quintana
September 30, 2008
We welcome political, social and cultural reflections, critiques and analyses that have stakes in current discussions by, for and about U.S. women of color feminist discourses.

It’s About Time for Hispanic Heritage Month to Include Us All
Ivy Farguheson
September 15, 2008
Hispanic Heritage Month is a time for all of us to really and truly celebrate everyone who is Latino, whether they look like Jennifer Lopez or like Sammy Sosa, whether they’re from Mexico or from Nebraska.

African Iconography in Contemporary Afro-Cuban Visual Art
Haig David-West, Ph.D.
September 15, 2008
Two Afro-Cuban institutions with roots in indigenous African tradition are Santería and Abakuá. They have and continue to exert undeniable influence on art in Cuba.

Hispanic Heritage Month Essay: Remembering Abuela and the Lives of our Ancestors
Christopher Rodriguez
September 15, 2008
The greatest culture shock I’ve ever experienced happened when, while visiting my grandmother in Puerto Rico, I had to use a latrine.

La historia de cimarronaje en América Latina
Celeo Alvarez Casildo
September 15, 2008
La forma cimera de lucha de los afrodescendientes contra la opresión y el racismo, tomó la forma de cimarronaje durante la colonia.

National Black L.U.V. Festival Embraces Hispanic Heritage Month
Papi Kymone Freeman
September 15, 2008
National Black L.U.V. Festival is a multicultural event that uses cultural arts to inform and enlighten. For the first time since its inception in 1997, the Festival will focus on the history of Afro-Latino culture.

Vice Presidential Candidate Brings Boricua Flavor to National Politics
Nivia Carroll
This year, Sen. Barack Obama isn't the only political first in the world of national politics. Rosa Clemente, an Afro-Puerto Rican from New York, recently became the first Latina nominated to run for vice president of the United States on the Green Party ticket.

A Colombian-Dominican Collaboration Documents the Afro-Latino Experience
Renzo Devia & Alicia Anabel
August 12, 2008
As a television producer, I was fortunate to meet hundreds of Latinos worldwide. For six years, I told their stories and broadcast them to millions. 
But there was one story too big to be covered in a single television show:  Afro-Latinos.

Loving All that We Are: One Costarricense’s Dating Life
Ivy Farguheson
July 25, 2008
I actually enjoy, in fact I love, being Afro-Latina. As I've search for the Latino man-of-my-dreams, I came across a very sad fact. They weren’t as interested in the “Afro” side of me as I was.

"La Diáspora Africana en Movimiento" de Argentina
María Paz Moltedo
July 24, 2008
La Diáspora en Movimiento representa un esfuerzo común. Es un proyecto integrador, de distintas asociaciones afroamericanas, afrodescendientes, activistas, artistas y cualquiera que quiera identificarse con esta comunidad.

Official Statement: Afro-Puerto Rican Accepts Green Party Vice Presidential Nomination
Rosa Clemente
July 23, 2008
I am honored and excited to accept this invitation to run with Cynthia McKinney. Cynthia McKinney is a hero to me and many others across this country and around the world for her courage in standing up to George Bush.

The Passage Project Highlights Connections to Africa and Each Other
Trina Robinson
July 8, 2008
The mission of The Passage Project: Stories from the African Diaspora is to transcend traditional ideas of race and identity through the words of people living throughout the world.

Declaración de las mujeres
Mujeres Reunidas en la Conferencia de la Sociedad Civil de las Américas
8 de julio, 2008
Las mujeres somos protagonistas indispensables para el avance de la lucha contra el racismo, la discriminación, y las formas conexas de intolerancia.

Statistical Genocide in Puerto Rico
Christopher Rodriguez
June 26, 2008
Based on the current rate, Afro-Puerto Ricans will statistically disappear at the end of the current century. We are witnessing the beginning of statistical genocide—Latin American style.

Bringing Panama's West Indian Voices to the Forefront
Violeta Donawa

June 26, 2008
In an effort to correct and enrich historical accounts of peoples in the Americas, Dr. Ifeoma Kiddoe Nwankwo has founded a new project to gather, preserve and disseminate Panama’s West Indian history.

Black Orphans: Latin America Rejects Its Own
Jackeline Stewart

June 15, 2008
When asked where I am from, I’ve stuck my chest out and proudly proclaimed, “The Bronx.”  I had gotten comfortable being Panamanian only when I wasn’t questioned about it.

Se Crean Líderes Afrodescendientes en Honduras
Gregoria Jiménez
June 15, 2008
Este mes darán inicio al  V  Diplomado de la Escuela de Formación de Líderes Afrodescendientes en Derechos Humanos, concientes de la gran necesidad de proveerles a ellos y ellas de herramientas sencillas y prácticas para la defensa de sus derechos económicos, sociales y culturales.

Mami Knows Best: Maintaining Your Cultural Diet for Good Health
Nivia Binett-Carroll
June 3, 2008

Whether it is arroz con pollo, roti, rice and peas or collard greens and cornbread, we all have fantastic memories of the food our parents prepared for us. But let’s face it—some of our dietary habits need serious modification.

Let's Celebrate Afro-Latin Identity All Year Long
Jameelah Xochitl Medina
May 26, 2008
Afro-Latinos are not half-Latino and half- Black. They are both fully Black and fully Latino. This can present a host of identity issues.

United in the Struggle in Washington, D.C.
Felicia Montgomery
May 20, 2008
Grupo Afro Descendiente was born out of a panel discussion held at the University of the District of Columbia. The organization seeks to unite African descendents from Latin America in the United States.

Ancestral Land + Black Conciousness = Afro-Latino Survival
Christopher Rodriguez
May 20, 2008
Africans have settled communities in Latin America as far back as the 1500s, many formed by men and women escaping slavery. The ownership of these lands is now being challenged by outside developers who want to convert them into resort hotels or condominiums.

Un líder venezolano habla del movimiento afroboliviano
Chucho García
12 de mayo, 2008
La Red de Organizaciones Afrovenezolanas, dentro de sus principios fundacionales, destaca el tema de la soberanía territorial e intelectual de los pueblos ante cualquier amenaza externa.

Finding Space for My Panamanian Self
Violeta Donawa
May 12, 2008
This is the story of a girl who identifies as bi-ethnically Black. All my life, whether around African Americans or non-Black Latinos, my multifaceted identity has been rejected or misunderstood.

Junot’s Prize: A Pulitzer First for Afro-Latino Literature
Glenda Carpio
April 29, 2008
What does Junot Diaz’s well-deserved Pulitzer Prize mean for the future of Afro-Latino literature? When news that Diaz had won began to spread, I thought immediately of the positive impact it is likely to have.

Uncovering the Long History of Blacks in Mexico—Part 2
Alva Moore Stevenson
April 22, 2008
Africans have been in Mexico at least since 1510. Those who were imported as slaves resisted their oppression, as in other parts of the Americas.

An Afro-Boricua’s (American) Experience Revisited: Making the Roberto Clemente Documentary
Adrian Burgos Jr.
April 16, 2008

The documentary powerfully conveys the life story of the Black Puerto Rican who some view as the first baseball hero to “transcend race and nation” for his work on and away from the playing field.

Afro-Colombian Rights are Human Rights
Leonardo Reales
April 15, 2008
Racial discrimination, poverty and social exclusion are structural problems that have affected Colombian ethnic minorities for decades. Afro-Colombians experience the highest level of poverty.

The Passing of a Black Giant in Cuba: A Tribute to Walterio Carbonell
Carlos Moore
April 15, 2008
Widely regarded as the father of a Black Consciousness movement in Cuba, the Cuban ethnologist and historian, Walterio Carbonell, died on Sunday, April 13, at the age of 88.

Q&A: Daughter of “American Gangster” Gives Birth to a Loving Legacy
Francine Lucas-Sinclair
April 8, 2008
The movie left out one real-life character who is among those most impacted by Frank Lucas: his daughter, Francine. Puerto Rico was her home for most of her youth.

Uncovering the Long History of Blacks in Mexico
Alva Moore Stevenson
March 31, 2008
My Afro-Mexican roots can be traced back to my grandfather. He migrated to Mexico around the dawn of the 20th century. But many Black people arrived in Mexico centuries before.

A Salute to Black Women of the Americas
Chucho García

March 24, 2008
Always marginalized in the history of the Americas and the Caribbean, African women and their descendants have played a crucial role in the struggle.

The Power of the Afro-Latina Market
Miriam Muléy
March 24, 2008
As an Afro Latina, Puerto Rican to be exact, I have always struggled to find my place in the world of Latinos and in the world of African Americans.

Why I Support Obama: An Immigration Lawyer Speaks Her Mind
Andrea Guerrero
March 17, 2008
I aspire to be like Obama in bringing agents of change together... I am deeply concerned about the apparent willingness of Hillary Clinton to forsake due process and other protections for immigrants.

Black Central American Leaders Make Their Presence Known in U.S.
Celeo Alvarez
March 17, 2008

The Board of Directors of the Central American Black Organization (ONECA) made an important political tour in the United States.

Real Unity for Afro-Latinos and African Americans
Miriam Jiménez Román
March 10, 2008

When the so-called Brown-Black conflict is discussed, Latinos are usually presented in terms of a mythical, homogeneous grouping. Left out of the equation is the fact that millions of Latinos in the U.S. are Black.

Time to Heal Back Home in Panama
Marta L. Sanchez
March 10, 2008
I have been mourning the loss of the Panama I loved and the girl I was when I left. Looking back, I also see innocence and resilience in my country and myself.

The Thorntons: Saga of an Afro-Mexican Family
Alva Moore Stevenson
February 28, 2008
Stories like those of my family, those of entire Afro-Mexican communities in the United States, have been ignored for too long.

Book Review: Ghetto (Nerd) Fabulous
Glenda Carpio
February 28, 2008
Junot Diaz’s first novel, "“The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao,” has given sharp-witted eloquence to the complexities of being Afro-Latino and immigrant in the United States.

Passing for Brazilian
Monica Evans
February 28, 2008
I had been told by many people that I would blend right in, and indeed I did. But with that blending in came the negative treatment that so many Blacks face in Brazil.

Always Black, Always Puerto Rican
José Méndez-Andino
February 28, 2008

I self-identify as Afro-Puerto Rican. But interestingly, my Blackness has constantly been challenged since I relocated to the U.S. mainland 14 years ago.

Young, Brazilian & Black: A Dangerous Combination
Jaime Amparo Alves
February 28, 2007
Factors such as poverty, age, sexuality, gender and location determine who lives and who dies in this “racial paradise.” Black males are the primary victims not only of criminals, but also of the police.

Teaching the African Diaspora: Using History to Connect People
Sandra Jowers
February 28, 2008
Diversity is one of the most important teaching tools available to me.

The Global Lives of Afro-Latinos in the 21st Century
James Counts Early
February 28, 2008
The racial and ethnic discourse about  identity in the United States has been fundamentally altered by a demographic shift: Latinos are the new majority-minority.
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